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How to Plan Raised Garden Beds In Your Garden

raised garden bedsRaised garden beds are an excellent idea for older people who enjoy growing both vegetables and flowers. They are also helpful for people who suffer from sore backs. If built with a ledge on the side, the gardener may be able to sit on the edge to work on the garden.

If raised garden beds are the way to go for you:

  • You may need permission to have them if you are renting,
  • You need to have access to rich soil to fill them
  • You will have to have the materials to construct them.

Raised garden beds may be made from a variety of material. They may be purchased from a hardware store or some nursery outlets may have them available. Some suggestions for raised garden beds are:

  • Treated pine timber
  • Corrugated steel
  • Bluescope steel with PVC joiners.
  • An Old bath.
  • Besser Block built up to a height suitable for the gardener.
  • Wooden Crates
  • Recycled polyethylene plastic

planning a raised garden bed

Whatever you choose to make your raised garden beds from it is advisable to line them with Geotextile fabric. This helps keep the soil in the bed while at the same time allows the water to drain through.

Most store bought raised garden beds measure 150×90 cm which is large enough to plant a variety of flowers and vegetables in each one. Don’t build a raised bed on a wooden deck or patio as the constant draining after watering may cause structural damage to it.

There are some available that are built on legs and some may have wheels which makes it easy to move them into position for maximum sunlight.

Raised garden beds are ideal for growing small amounts of vegetables and flowers. They eliminate the access of pathway weeds creeping into your garden and also serve as a barrier for slugs and snails.

Having raised garden beds in your yard eliminates the chance of heavy rain washing away all your soil as the sides contain the soil.

Position the beds facing south to give them the maximum light exposure for all the plants growing in the bed. Make sure the raided garden bed are level. After several watering’s the soil will level and you will want your beds to be the same.

garden bed

Don’t over water and in very cold winter months cover the beds at night to prevent frost from killing off your plants.

Ideally the depth of a raised garden bed should be around 18inches. Salad and herb plants will survive in around 12inches, but the deeper beds are essential for a broader range of vegetables. The beds are usually built 4 feet wide, as this allows easy access to the centre of the bed from both sides.

The soil in a raised bed warms up more quickly so that planting can begin earlier. This will give you a good start on your vegetable crop.

Raised garden bed are an ideal way to get the children interested in gardening and out of the house away from computers, the t.v. and game consoles. Most children enjoy seeing their efforts rewarded when the crops start producing edible produce.

Raised garden beds are the perfect solution to gardening in restricted space, such as a courtyard.

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