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Planning A Kitchen Garden

kitchen gardensA kitchen garden is usually a space set apart from the rest of the garden. Ideally it is situated as close to the kitchen as possible to allow easy access to it. Also having a water source close by is an idea. It can contain herbs, vegetable as well as certain fruits and flowers for added colour.

Establishing a kitchen garden helps to calm some people and reduces their stress levels, by helping them reconnect with nature. Research has shown that gardening is beneficial for mental health.

With ever decreasing economic conditions, a lot of homeowners are establishing a kitchen garden to save money and to give them a healthy lifestyle. Organic gardening has become more popular as store prices soar. By growing our own produce, we tend to eat more of the fresh fruit and vegetables, therefore we stay healthier in mind and body.

A kitchen garden can contain potted herbs that are able to be moved around to obtain the benefits of the sunlight. It should be noted however that not all herbs thrive in pots, therefore planting them in the kitchen garden along with vegetables is an advantage as companion plants.

planting kitchen gardens

Walled kitchen gardens are ideal to have fruit trees trained against them as the heat from the walls helps produce an abundance of fruit.

Glasshouses. In colder climates kitchen gardens are housed in a glasshouse to allow for an extended growing period. They are also ideal to grow some exotic species of fruit and vegetables.

A kitchen garden does not really require a large amount of land, nor does it have to be labour intensive as a lot of the plants survive well in containers. When growing vegetables be sure to have a
soil that is slightly acidic for a successful crop. Adding an organic fertilizer will also be beneficial.

By planting a mixture of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit in the kitchen garden will result in an eye catching display. Define the space for the garden with pavers to give you easy access to the
beds. Try not to have too large abed as you need to be able to access the plants without too much effort. Mulching is important to keep the soil moist and helps to keep off any bugs that may be lurking.

planning a kitchen garden

Design your kitchen gardens so that you are able to access between them with a wheelbarrow. If planting beans in your kitchen garden allow room for a trellis for them to climb. Tomatoes in your kitchen garden are one of the best things to plant. There is nothing nicer tasting than a tomato that has been home grown and ripened on the vine. Be mindful that tomato plant too requires stakes or a trellis to climb up.

Once you have established your kitchen garden, it is essential to fertilize it and water regularly. Adding compost that you have made yourself is also a good idea. Keep an eye out for bugs, weeds and any diseases that may affect your garden. Mulching with good quality mulch will help keep the weed at bay in your kitchen garden.

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