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The Best Container Gardening Ideas

container gardening ideasThe best container gardening ideas need not be restricted to a window flower box or the odd pot on the patio.

Containers actually can be used for flowers and vegetables as well as fruit trees.

Any free standing vessel is suitable for container gardening. Things like large pots to the old wheelbarrow that’s sitting going rusty in the back shed. An old wooden box, or an attractive hanging basket are all things that can be used for container gardening ideas.

Other vessels work well, such as:

  • Old tree stumps are another container gardening idea. Containers made from untreated wood are a good option but remember that wood will eventually rot.
  • An old watering can works well as a container. As does a large tin can. They can be painted up to make them look more attractive or left as they are to give a rustic look as they gradually develop rust.
  • An old colander works well as a hanging container with some chain attached.
  • If you like a rustic look in your yard, an old refrigerator is an ideal one for container gardening ideas. Remove the door to avoid any accidents and fill with quality organic rich soil and plant whatever you wish.

container ideas

  • Old draws make excellent container for herbs
  • The inner drum from a broken down washing machine can be used for container gardening ideas also.
  • A Babies bath that is no longer needed can be converted into a container for any number of plants.
  • An old cane washing basket
  • A child’s toy dump truck.
  • A discarded toy wagon is excellent for succulents.
  • An old pram
  • An old pair of work boots hung on a wall
  • A discarded toolbox.


Let’s look at containers for flowers. They can be anything from an expensive clay pot, a hanging pot, to an old disused washtub. If you like a rustic look an old wash tub will give that look when it has a riot of colourful flowers cascading from it.

Petunias are an excellent plant to have in a hanging basket. These baskets can be wire baskets lined with a fibre matting. Even an old large kettle looks great full of flowers.

Tall cylinder shaped pots add a dramatic look to an entranceway, as an example, planted with a string of pearls that will drape down combined with blue ageratum and purple calibrachoa give a dramatic structural display.

A neutral coloured pot will allow the flowers to shine. Elevated planters are great container gardening ideas as they allow the plants to drape, which will display them at their best. An old bicycle painted up and pots attached to it will also look great filled with flowers.


Container gardening ideas for vegetables are slightly different from the one for flowers. Most vegetable require a fair bit of room to grow and produce so unless you are only having one plant in the pot theses containers need to be bigger and wider.

This is where an old wheelbarrow is an excellent choice for vegetables. Filled with organic rich soil, you will be guaranteed to produce some quality vegetables.

Wooden barrels cut in half are great container gardening ideas and are great for growing vegetables. Sometimes wineries sell off their old wine barrels and if you are lucky enough to live nearby and are able to purchase one, then there is no stopping you from producing quality produce.

Fruit trees

There are some fruit trees that grow well in containers, however they need to be large enough for the roots to grow so think big, don’t purchase too small a pot and try to squeeze the tree into it. Dwarf varieties of fruit trees survive well in containers.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to container gardening ideas.

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