The frequent Herbs of my Herbal Garden

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Below is a run down on the herbs that I grow in my herbal garden. Not only do they smell good and look great but they are a natural resource for me to use for various applications. Not only in my kitchen but also in other areas of the house.

The frequent herbs of my herbal garden

  • Bergamot is a perennial herb with brightly coloured feathery flowers that are great in salads. And it grows to 1 metre in height.
  • Oregano

    Chives have such beautiful purple blooms when they flower. These are great used in them in salads as well as stirfrys. This herb grows to 25cm in height.

  • Dill is a tall annual herb which has feathery green foliage that is a visual delight in the garden as well as its usefulness in the kitchen. And with it growing to 1 metre in height this herb will stand out in your herbal garden.
  • Garlic is a bulb which blooms tall circular flower heads. And it grows to 1 metre in height. Also, it’s used in foods in kitchens all through Australia.
  • Mint is a perennial herb that adds flavour to drinks, teas etc. But be careful though, as it spreads easily, so make sure you grow it in a pot. It can grow to a metre in height. I grow mine in a pot under the garden tap so it always gets a drink as it loves water.
  • Oregano is a low growing perennial herb which I use on salads and pizzas. I’ve been growing this herb in an old cement laundry tub. And it hangs down over the side of the tub looking just so fresh and inviting.
  • Parsley is a must in any herb garden it’s a self-seeding biennial that grows to 1 metre in height. This herb is rich in vitamins A and C as well as high in iron. And can be used as an edible garnish or do as I do and cook it into your food. 
  • Thyme is a low growing perennial with flowers in white pink and mauve.  This herb makes a great ground cover. I’m going to start to use it throughout my garden. I use it in salads and in cooking general.

I  use these herbs for their fragrance

  • Lemon Verbena is a shrub with fragrant leaves. I use this herb in linen sachets for fragrance in draws or linen cupboards. Its also great in potpourris. And it will grow up to 2 metres in height.
  • Chamomile is a ground cover with daisy-like flowers that grows to 1metre. I think this herb is so pretty when it flowers. I’ve used it for linen sachets as well as in a hot cuppa tea.

    Pineapple Sage

  • Bay tree is a slow-growing tree which can be pruned to shape or keep low for ease of access. As it does grow up to 12metres tall. The leaves are used in culinary applications. I put it in my rice jar to help keep it fresh smelling.
  • Comfrey is a tall perennial growing to 1 metre in height. I use it in the compost as it helps to activate it.
  • Lemon balm has bright green foliage with a distinctive lemon scent and flavour. And yummy when added to cold drinks. Its also a herb that spreads rapidly and will grow to 1 metre tall.
  • Lavender is a bushy herb with mauve spikes of flowers. The lavender I’ve got growing is Canary Island Lavender as its more suitable to a warmer climate. It grows to a height of 1 metre and has a variety of uses.

These Herbs are my favourites

  • Borage is a pretty self-sowing annual herb. They have bright blue flowers which can also be used in drinks and salads. I find the leaves have cucumber taste to them. It will grow to 1 metre in height but it may need to be staked which will depend on its position in the garden. Mine attract the blue-banded bees and they love blue flowers.


  • Rosemary I think makes a pretty hedge and could be planted around your herbal garden for a natural pretty fence. Its so pretty with its beautiful blue and purple flowers. I cook it with potatoes it’s just great in so many foods. I grow lots of rosemary in my garden which grows to 1 metre in height.
  • Sage is a hardy perennial that has flowers of pink, white, purple and blue. Its leaves and flowers are used in salads.  And it grows easily from cuttings, also grows to 1 metre in height.
  • Basil is a great annual herb which is loved by cooks. It has white flowers and grows to 60cm in height. But as it does not like frosts it will grow better in warmer climates.

I love growing and using herbs in my daily life. Herbs have been in our environment since the world began. As I’m going through my life I’m enjoying my growing knowledge of the herbal world and all its applications.

I hope the above information is helpful in thinking about what herbs to plant in your herbal garden. As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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