Dill the not so silly Herb in the Garden

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Dill leaves

Dill is an annual herb and native to the Mediterranean countries as well as Russia. This herb has plumes of fine blue green leaves and yellow flowers that bloom in mid-summer. It grows to approximately 90cm in height. Also, it is one of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden or a pot.

When growing dill make sure you sow the seeds in a sunny position. And as they germinate thin the seedlings out to about 20cm apart. Make sure you sow the seeds where they are to grow. Because they don’t like to be replanted and will probably flower prematurely.

Plant herb in spring in cooler climates as soon as the ground is warm. Do small plantings roughly every 2 weeks during summer to have a good supply of fresh dill. If you live in a Climate that has mild winters seeds can be planted in autumn and it will be great to have fresh dill come spring.


Dill is known to stimulate the glands and encourage milk production in nursing mothers. A syrup or infusion can be used on an infant for colic, griping pain and insomnia.

This herb is great for adults who have high blood sugar levels as it lowers it. And should be used freely on diabetics.

Culinary Uses

Dill growing in a pot

When I cook cabbage, cauliflower or brussel sprouts I always throw in fresh dill leaves to help with the sometimes-unpleasant odour of them cooking. You can make dill vinegar by bruising the leaves, adding white wine vinegar to a glass jar. Cap the jar and let it stand for 10 days in a warm sunny spot, stir it daily.

Chopped fresh leaves are great baked with potatoes in their jackets. Awesome for casseroles and sauces as well as sprinkled into omelettes. You can bake this herb into breads as well as cooking with rice.

Making dill tea is easy steep the fresh leaves in boiling water, sweeten with sugar if you desire.

Quick Dill Facts

  • Dill essential oil is similar to caraway in scent as well as a similar composition.
  • Another use for this great herb is to make a small flannelette pillow with the dried herb inside. It will make a great baby comforter.
  • This herb is a great food supplement.
  • Do not grow near fennel they will cross pollinate.

Grow this herb in your garden and enjoy the benefits that it gives you. As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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