Encouraging Earthworms

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Big Earthworms

Earthworms are the friends of the soil and of gardeners worldwide. Earthworms and a lot of other organisms live in the soil. And most of these are beneficial because they help to create a soil structure by eating and excreting organic matter. In an earthworm’s day they dig holes and open the soil up to moisture and air, consuming and processing as they go.

An Earthworm cannot survive without moisture and food. If the soil is too dry or there is not enough food the worms will head down wards and form a ball surrounded by a mucus sack to keep from drying out. And when it rains again the earthworms emerge and go about aerating the soil and eating dead plant material. Keep your soil moist to help encourage earthworm reproduction in your garden.

Some Incredible Earthworm Facts

  • Up to 8 million earthworms may live in a hectare of grassland.
  • Worms can live up to 10 years.
  • There are over 2000 species of known earthworms.
  • Worms are sensitive to vibrations.
  • Charles Darwin estimated that worms in half a hectare can shift approximately 8 to 18 tonnes a year.
  • Microchoetus microchaetus the world’s largest earthworm is found in South Africa and it can grow up to 2.7m long.
  • The giant Gippsland worm from Victoria here in Australia grows up to 2m long and 3cm in diameter.


A Compost Alternative

Earthworms Galore

If you have difficulty getting organic matter or don’t have the space for a compost, a worm farm is a great idea. Worm farms produce excellent garden compost. You can purchase ready made worm farms from hardware stores. Or make your own from recycled items remember to stay away from treated materials.

The Earthworm is an invaluable member of the garden. Worms also feed creatures such as beetles, birds, centipedes and slugs. Also they are affected by any spraying of poisons in your environment.

Growing and cultivating worms in your garden will help your gardens biodiversity and sustainability. Every critter in the garden is important. Enjoy.

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