The Beauty of the Fragrant Garden

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Canary Island Lavender

Why a fragrant garden? Instead of just having a visually pleasing garden, fragrance can add another element to the experience of the garden. It doesn’t matter what size garden area you have there is always room for fragrant plants. Imagine sitting in the peace of your garden eyes closed breathing in all the delightful scents of your garden.

My Favourite Fragrant Herbs

  • Rosemary has a scent that is vibrant and refreshing with a slightly camphorous scent with a hint of pine. I grow a lot of Rosemary in my garden. It’s great for cleaning the air in your home. Pick fresh sprigs and put them in to your living spaces inside. You’ll get a nice fresh smell throughout the house.  
  • Lavender has its own special charm in the garden a timelessness that is hard to define. Because I live in a hot subtropical environment, I grow Canary Island lavender which is more suitable to warmer climates. Also, different lavender species have different coloured flowers and leaves.
  • Sage is great in the garden it has a very recognizable scent as well as a great visual display. There are over 700 known species of sage in cultivation. Even though sage has a shrubby habit with beautiful foliage, the sages are perfect garden herbs.
  • Thyme loves sunlight and good drainage and its growing habit is close to the ground so it’s great for a ground cover. Imagine the scent as you potter in your garden.
  • Lemon Verbena is an understated herb in the garden. It is one of the most refreshingly zesty fragrances in my garden. If space permits you, grow several of these sometimes-ungainly herb.
  • The Curry plant is a beautiful silver colour with a strongly scented curry fragrance. The curry plant is not the source of curry powder but is still used in the kitchen.

Our memories are often linked with fragrances. When I smell the lavender in my garden it reminds me of the time that I hand sowed a bright velvet green pillow with dried lavender in it for my niece. Because my sisters new born child was a fussy sleeper. And the scent of the lavender in the pillow helped calm my niece so she slept well after that. I had also hand stitched a flower onto the pillow in a pretty purple colour.

My Other Fragrant Plants

Night Jessamine

  • I grow two Night Jessamine bushes in the back garden. And when they flower the scent is so sweet in the night air. But be careful they can have an overpowering fragrance.
  • The old-fashioned varieties of Sweet pea flower more freely and have stronger scents then the modern varieties. Also make sure you provide a support trellis.
  • Star Jasmine is a pretty climber with a very subtle scent. I have it growing over my archway to my secret garden area.

When it comes to planting fragrant plants in the garden remember to plant more than just one of each, be bold and plant as many as you like. As there is no rule to planting out your garden its your garden you make the rules. As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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