Simple Garden Designs that work

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A garden is a creation of the homeowner and usually develops over several years. It can tell a lot about the people who live there.

The modern trend with garden designs tends towards using natural materials, going back to the old fashioned style garden. The use of tactile materials such as wood and stone has become more popular of late.

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A well maintained front yard should complement your home and the natural terrain. Before starting your garden designs, consider how much work you are willing to put into maintaining it.

The modern look is to go simple with stepping stone and pavers. Earthy colours with the plants and ones that don’t require a lot of looking after.

The first thing to do when deciding on your garden designs is to measure up the area that you wish to transform. Decide if you want to have your garden to be purposeful or just ornamental.

Do you want just flowers and shrubs or do you want to have vegetables and herbs as well.

The Front Yard

Many homeowners make their front yard a show case while other go for a simpler look. Create a welcome to your home with a well laid path giving a clear indication as to the position of the front door. A focal point in some garden designs could be a large pot or water feature that will draw the eye.

It is essential to have a connection between the street and the house. A well-positioned bench in the front yard will encourage everyone to sit and spend time to enjoy the garden.

If you are short for time to spend in the garden, plant things with attractive foliage like bromeliads, succulents, and camellias. They don’t require much to maintain them.

Cottage Garden

Cottage garden designs were originally planted by labourers who had little land and found the need to grow vegetable to feed their families, and herbs to treat illness. There was no room for flowers in their gardens. Today cottage gardens usually has a riot of colourful flowers in them.

There is usually a path or stepping stone meandering through the beds of flowers and some homeowner position seating among the beds so they are able to sit and enjoy their garden.

Back Yard Garden Designs

Not everyone has a huge backyard these days so to make the most of what space you have, give some thought to how it will work best for you. If there is an old tree stump in your yard, plant some herbs or even flowers in it. Hanging baskets from the branches of a tree is an excellent way to grow strawberries.

If your back yard is tiny, you can give the impression of a larger one by positioning an old mirror on the back fence. It will reflect any greenery you have in the yard.

Vegetable garden beds need to be located in a sunny position so as to give them sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Fruit trees work well along the fence line providing they aren’t too close to the fence and don’t hang over to the neighbour’s yard.

Allow room for a barbeque area in your garden designs so that you are able to enjoy the outdoors.

The garden designs for your home will be dictated by your lifestyle and the size of the yard.

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