Useful Gardening for Beginners tips

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Gardening for beginners can be a bit stressful, but its best to take thing one step at a time.

If you have just moved into a new home and wish to establish a garden, take a walk around the neighborhoods and see what other homeowners have growing in their gardens.

gardening for beginners

Have you every observed the homes that have large beautiful gardens. They usually have more than one person maintaining that garden though, do you have that same scenario?

Is there two of you that will be spending all the free time in the garden? If the answer is no then forget about copying that garden.

Gardening for beginners might be a bit confusing, as you have you decide if you want to have a maintenance free garden or whether you are prepared to spend the time and effort in having a bountiful garden.

If you are starting with a blank canvas for your garden then take the time to plan out just what you want to plant and where you want to plant it. Ideally draw up a plan on a piece of paper and try to stick to your plan.

Gardening for beginners isn’t as easy as many will tell you. Selecting the right plant for the area and climate can be intimidating, but it always best to seek advice from the professionals. Visit your local nursery and ask as many questions as necessary to give you the correct information.


The first important thing to consider is the soil. It’s important to have rich well drained soil that is well fertilized and rich in organic matter. Make sure that the garden bed has been well dug over and watered well.

Buying Plants

Gardening for beginners can be expensive if you are not savvy. Do you have friends with gardens that you admire? Ask for cutting form some of the ones you like the most.

Garden Club

Joining a local garden club is another way to get the right advice. There is always someone in these clubs who are only too willing to give advice on gardening for beginners.


if you’re on a budget, then treat yourself to a packet of seed every payday and grow your own seeding’s. Be guided by the planting advice on the back of the packet. Alternatively you may wish to buy a small shrub once a month.

The climate

The climate will dictate just what is suitable to grow in the area in which you live. Ask at the local nursery what will grow best in your area and be guided by them. After all that is their livelihood and they like pass on their knowledge when asked about gardening for beginners.

Useful Tools

Gardening for beginners should have a few tools to aid them in their endeavors. It’s advisable to purchase quality tool as cheap one rust and break very easily.

  •  A shovel for digging
  • A Rake
  • A pair of secateurs
  • A lawn mower
  • A hose
  • A sprinkler


If you have children be mindful of them when planning out your garden. You will need a safe area for them to play in so keep the size of the gardens to a reasonable size.

Gardening for beginners is a rewarding endeavor as gardening is good for the soul.

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