Growing a Medicinal Herbal Garden

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Herbal Garden

Herbs have a very long history and in today’s society are very underrated, underused, and I think misunderstood. Healing your body in the past was done by herbs that were used to flavour food as well as what was used for medicinal purposes. Most homes had a medicinal herbal garden growing in the backyard. Which was used every day in culinary and medicinal uses.

I find it rather ironic that herbal medicines which have been used for thousands of years is considered alternate medicine. While synthetic medicine made by man using artificial ingredients is considered orthodox.

Plantings with a purpose

Medicinal Herbal Garden

 To enjoy the health benefits of using, growing and taking herbs its always better to take them regularly. And if your growing your own herbs to use its best that they are organic with no herbicides, insecticides or pesticides used, which is even better for your health. Common ailments can be treated at home by home herbal medicine.

When creating a medicinal herbal garden make sure that when you are planting the herbs you name or mark them so that you know what herb is medicinal and culinary or if its just medicinal. You don’t want any confusion when you are using them. An idea would be to keep a journal on what herbs you have growing and their uses.

Apart from their many applications, medicinal herbs are very decorative with striking colours and shapes. A traditional idea is to plant beds out according to the ailment that they treated. So, you would have a garden bed for coughs, colds and sore throats or a garden bed of tonic herbs etc.

Start with a plan

Generally, herbs have multiple benefits, like basil, it is great thrown into a salad for flavour. But can also be planted near outdoor sitting areas to add its scent to other herbs that help deter insects. I’ve also discovered that fresh basil rubbed on mozzie bites helps take the itch out of the bite.

Garden design

However small a focal point can be the starting point of your medicinal herbal garden. A bird bath or a statue maybe a Bay tree, use whatever you want. Maybe plan your medicinal herbal garden on paper first making sure that you leave room for path ways. And also remember that some herbs like to sprawl so make sure you allow room for them as well. Accessibility is important when planning the medicinal herbal garden for ease of use.

Companion plant for benefit

Companion planting is great for mutual benefit to the plants. Some herbs have root systems that are near the surface and some root systems go deeper. So that when planting these herbs together they will not crowd each other. It is also believed that the smell of certain herbs deters some insects from attacking plants which is part of nature’s own pest control.

Which in extension means that you don’t need to use herbicides, insecticides or pesticides in your garden. So, the good bugs will take care of the bad bugs in your medicinal herbal garden and your garden will thrive naturally.

As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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