Growing Stunning Sunflowers in the Garden

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A sea of Sunflowers

Wow, sunflowers are undeniably flowers of the sun they are so beautiful. The Incas of Peru believed the sunflower to be sacred to the sun. Their priestesses wore sunflower crowns of pure gold. It was the sunflowers resemblance to this solar orb the sun that gained it its common name. The sunflower plant is ornamental as well as being remarkably useful.

Uses of Sunflowers

  • the leaves are used as animal food
  • the petals produce a yellow dye
  • a flavourless sunflower oil
  • lubricants, soaps and paint
  • seeds can be roasted and eaten or ground into flour to make bread

Basic Planting Needs of Sunflowers

The common sunflower grows to about 3 meters tall and is called Helianthus annuus. Grown in crops for its edible fruits and oils. It is also great for feeding to wild birds as long as they are grown organically of course.

Sunflower seeds should be planted in well drained compost rich soil in a sunny position. Always plant in groups of 2 or 3 seeds. I make sure I plant the seed groups about 50cm apart. Then I can thin out the strongest seedling in each group. Or keep the lot growing if you have the room.

Smaller Sunflowers and Colours

Coloured Sunflowers

But if you don’t have the room in your garden there are shorter growing varieties available. Check your local nursery for varieties. They are not all the traditional yellow gold colour though. There are shades of colour from gold to russet red and brown to yellow.

Growing the Giant Sunflower Blooms

The flowers heads can get up to 30cm diameter. I find the best time to plant is in August or September. Then that way you get sunflowers for Christmas time; how pretty as cut flowers on the table at Christmas lunch. As the plants grow taller you might need to stake them as wind and rain will make them fall over. The water on the foliage can weigh down the plant maybe even snapping the plant.

Such are the Powers of the Sunflower

Busy Bees

Even though the sunflower is a lover of the sun, it does tolerant damp roots. And a great idea to utilize this is to plant groups of sunflowers in damp spots. Either in your garden or around walls and fences that are prone to dampness. In the Netherlands they have planted sunflowers to help reclaim waterlogged land. Such is the power of the sunflower to absorb moisture. One of mother natures most stunning plants when in flower.

Sunflowers are a great way to add colour variety to your garden. Also let’s not forget the importance of bees in your garden. Bees love sunflowers and they will pollinate the sunflowers in your garden happily all day long. Just make sure you put out a bee bath for the bees to drink from. As always Love what you grow.



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