The Wonderful Life of Honey Bees

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I love honey bees, and I could sit in my garden all day watching the honey bees going about their business. Pollinating the flowers and collecting nectar to take back to their hives to turn into honey. Honey Bees are just such a cool insect and deserve a lot of respect.

Australia has the healthiest Honey bees in the world. Europeans introduced the honey bee into Australia between 1800 to 1850’s. And If a hive is in peak condition it should hold up to 60,000 worker bees and it has only one queen. Australia is renowned in the bee industry for selling healthy queens and  honey bees to the rest of the world.Honey Bee Gathering Nectar

The Three Bees That Make Up A Hive

  • Worker bees, they are female and live up to 6 weeks, in a healthy hive there should be up to 60,000 worker bees. The hardest job they have is when they turn into forager bees. Honey bees start out as a fertilized egg taking 21 days to hatch into a worker bee. Their first position is as a nurse bee looking after the eggs, pupae and larvae. After a week or so they work in the honeycomb area as  house bees and at about 3 weeks they become forager bees. And their wings will wear out in about 2 to 3 weeks for them to become guard bees of the hive near the end of their life cycle.
  • Drone bees are male and live up to 2 months. The queen lays an infertile egg and in 24 days it hatches into a male bee. And in a healthy hive there are up to 600 drone bees and their job is to mate with the queen and once they have mated, they die.
  • The queen bee is the matriarch of the hive and can live up to 7 years. The worker bees care for the queen after she has been fertilised as she cannot fly in this condition. 

The Sweet Nectar that FlowsHoney Bee Hanging off Borage

Flowers produce nectar which attracts worker honey bees to them. The worker honey bees then stores the nectar in their honey stomachs so when they return to the hive, they’ll pass it on to a house bee who deposits it in the honeycomb cells. Then each evening the honey bees spread themselves out over the honeycomb and open their wings. Which they then beat to create a warm current that evaporates the water out of the nectar. When the moisture content is about 18% or lower the nectar has turned in to honey. The bees then cap the honeycomb cells with bee’s wax. Honey does not deteriorate over time if it is stored properly.

The Honey Bees About Beeswax

Wax is secreted from the glands in a honey bees abdomen. The wax is actually drawn out of these glands by other honey bees. You might often see a bee hanging off another bee near a hive, it is in fact drawing the wax out. The wax comes out in little flakes which the bees use to make their hexagon honeycombs. The bees also use the wax flakes to cap the honeycomb when its full of honey. They also use it for the pupae cells in the brood area.

Bees the Little Pollinators

Pollen is the bee’s protein. And as in any hive some bees will collect nectar and some will collect pollen. As the bees move from flower to flower the pollen is collected and stored in little sacks on their back legs. Nurse bees combine pollen and honey to make bee bread. Which is then feed to to the developing larvae.

Propolis The Bees Glue

Propolis is the bees glue, they use it to glue holes closed and stop cold drafts during winter or bugs and water from getting in to the hive. With antibacterial properties it has been used in traditional medicines for years. It is a resin collected from flowers by bees. 

How Much Honey do Honey Bees Make?

How much honey do they make, will depend on so many factors; rains, seasons, flowers. If You’re going to have bees your hives location is important and even how strong the queen is. Most importantly is do you have any flowers nearby or growing in your garden. For a healthy hive you will need to have a lot of flowers growing in your neighbourhood.Busy Honey Bee

 Everything bees produce can be used for something which makes these industrious little workers the hardest workers in the world.

  • Honey
  • Beeswax
  • Propolis
  • The royal Jelly (which is produced in a gland on the bee and feed to the potential queens in their growth stage)
  • There is even a growing market for Bee Venom

In Australia the eucalyptus tree is the best producer of nectar for the bees to enjoy. And if the conditions are good, they can provide huge amounts of nectar. Bees are a wonderful contributor to a healthy sustainable environment through the pollination of plants. So, the more your neighbourhood plants trees, flowers, shrubs etc the better off our little friends the bees will be. And this little hard worker needs our help to maintain their environment.

As you can see in the pictures this was a bee enjoying my Borage Herb flowers in my garden. Honey bees inspired me to write.

As always grow what you love, enjoy.

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