How to Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden

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An indoor vegetable garden will require some sun to nurture your plants. There are many edible plants that will grow indoors. They require good drainage so make sure that you have some stones in the bottom of the pots for the water to drain.

indoor vegetable garden

Avocado + Carrots

An Avocado will grow indoors but the dwarf variety is best. Have some sand in the bottom of the pot than fill with a good quality potting mix. Water regularly but never have it soaking wet. Position the pot in an area with a high ceiling as even dwarf tree will grow quite tall.

Carrots will grow in a pot in an indoor vegetable garden and also in a window box. The pot needs to be quite deep to allow the carrot to grow. Water well but don’t keep them too wet.

Micro Greens

A mixture of kale, sweet chard, basil and dill seeds all planted together in a shallow container and kept moist will produce lovely fresh young leaves that are ready to eat in around 3 weeks. Just make sure the container gets plenty of light and warmth to encourage growth.


Mushroom provide a great source of vitamin c and fibre. They may be purchased in a kit and will grow in a laundry basket.

Salad Greens

A variety of salad greens such as iceberg, romaine and red leaf are full of vitamin A, C and k and are full of iron and foliate. A very healthy green to have growing indoors. Only harvest the outer leaves as this will allow the plant to continue growing.

Tomatoes will grow indoors but require a very sunny position. They may not grow as big as outdoor grown ones but are still tasty. When the fruit is firm to touch and red they are ready to eat.


This is an excellent plant to have in your indoor garden. Chives don’t mind shade. Harvest by snipping some leaves of each plant. Be careful not to strip all the leaves of a plant or they won’t flourish anymore.


Ginger may also be grown indoors in a pot in indirect sunlight. A piece purchased form the grocer is all you need to start your own plant. Place it in a pot full of good quality potting mix and water well. Keep moist but not wet. When the ginger produces new shoots remove the plant and cut off what you need then replant again. It will continue to grow.

All these plants are good and healthy ones to have in your indoor vegetable garden.

If you are fortunate to have a conservatory you will find this an excellent place to have for an indoor vegetable garden

Radishes, carrots and tomatoes all grow well indoors, providing there is ample light. Dwarf runner beans and dwarf broad beans grow well in an indoor vegetable garden also.

Potatoes will grow indoors in a hessian bag, large baskets and even in plastic bags.

Growing a lemon tree indoors is also an idea. It will require a large pot to allow the root to spread, but there is nothing nicer than a fragrant lemon tree indoors.

Research what will grow best in your area to have a successful indoor vegetable garden.

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