Some Garden Secrets Part 1

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This is a quick collection of thoughts, ideas and facts that I’ve put together when I’ve been pottering in the garden restoring my soul. So hopefully you’ll find something useful. 

  • Ant colonies range from simple groups to more complex societies made up of millions. Most species are harmless and are useful good bugs to have as biological indicators. Meaning the greater the diversity of ants in your garden the healthier your environment is likely to be.
  • Beetroot seeds contain a chemical that inhibits germination until there has been heavy or prolonged rain. To speed up the process soak the seeds in tepid water for 24 hours then plant wet. They should sprout in about 10 to 14 days.


  • The neighbour’s cat can be a problem in your garden if you’re not a cat person. Cats hate wet soil so water late afternoon to deter them in your garden at night even though it’s better to water early in the day. Leave citrus, camphor or eucalyptus around the garden in any form that suits you. This also helps to deter cats.
  • Containers will be much easier to move if you let them dry out until they are only lightly damp before you attempt to lift the pot.
  • A queen bee can lay up to 2000 eggs a day. She can live 5 to 7 years but mating only once and storing the sperm to use when needed. Royal Jelly is produced by the salivary gland of worker bees and fed to the larvae. It is rich in protein and larvae that is feed on the jelly throughout their development will become queen bees.
  • Before buying an earthenware pot always flick it with your finger. A clear sound means that there are no cracks.
  • To train a wayward branch use a weight so it bends gently in the new direction. A simple way would be to use mortar and water in a plastic cup or container that’s suitable. Insert a wire hook in the mortar and allow to set. Hang the weight on the branch.
  • Recycle house hold waste like old tea, beer, vegetable water or even water from your fish tank. All these contain some nutrients that will be good in your garden just collect it and put it into the compost.

As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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Hi my name Tanya and I am a lover of growing all things in the garden. Its the one place I feel at peace and can rest my soul. From my earliest childhood memory I have always loved the garden. So I hope to be able to pass on some of the information, tips, tricks and of course my passion for Gardening. Love what you grow. Enjoy.

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