Some more Garden Secrets Part 2

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This is the second part of the list of thoughts, ideas and facts called some garden secrets. Once again, I hope you get some ideas from this list.

  • Loose leaf lettuce, rocket and spinach grow great in pots so place one near your kitchen just make sure it gets plenty of water. And use as needed.
  • If you don’t have a compost or you want to produce a quick composting material. Fill a black plastic bag with kitchen and garden waste. Let it sit in a sunny spot for about 6 weeks then spread out on top of your garden. Don’t dig it in because its not completely composted. And the worms will eventually drag it down into the soil.

    Garden Idea

  • You can harvest silver beet and spinach by picking from the outer leaves inwards and then leaving four or five stalks to regrow.
  • Sweet pea seeds will germinate better if left to absorb moisture overnight. You can put between two wet pieces of tissue overnight and by morning they will have doubled in size. Discard any seed that has not swollen. Then plant the others straight away.
  • Plant low growing vegetables on the sunny side of tall ones in your vegetable garden. This allows both sizes to get the sunlight that they need.
  • When watering make sure you are deep watering once a week so that it encourages the plants roots to go down deep. Because if you are only sprinkle watering every day then you are encouraging your plants to be shallow rooted.
  • Try to not be tempted to over prune a flowering tree because the result will be reduced flower blooms. If necessary, prune after flowering but only getting rid of damaged wood and weak branches.
  • A sweeter scent of an edible flower indicates a stronger taste.
  • Evergreen versus deciduous. Deciduous trees will lose all their leaves before growing new ones. And evergreen trees gradually replace so the plant is never bare. When planting either make sure you consider your gardens needs seasonally as well as personal preference. Where I live its evergreens all the time because it’s too hot otherwise.

As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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Hi my name Tanya and I am a lover of growing all things in the garden. Its the one place I feel at peace and can rest my soul. From my earliest childhood memory I have always loved the garden. So I hope to be able to pass on some of the information, tips, tricks and of course my passion for Gardening. Love what you grow. Enjoy.

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