The Why’s Of A Sensory Garden

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 When I’m out in my garden all my senses are enjoying themselves.  I’m enjoying the sight and smell of the flowers the touch of the tree barks the sound of insects and the taste of all the edibles in my garden. And it’s all basking in the sunlight that filters through the tree tops swaying in the wind and the birds are singing their songs while building their nests. This is my why’s of a sensory garden.

Rosemary for a Sensory Garden

How about a garden that will titillate your 5 senses, sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.

When planting a sensory garden remember to plant for the 5 senses because every sense is just as important as all the others.  Planting this type of garden can help to reduce stress and promote health and wellness in all who visit it. People with disabilities, blind, deaf, wheelchair bound, autistic, anyone with difficulties would benefit from a sensory garden. As well as people with sensitivities.  

What Is A Sensory Garden?

A sensory garden is a garden that appeals to the sensors with herbs, flowers, shrubs, trees as well as garden ornaments. These will stimulate your senses through the materials used in the garden. This means the different textures, shapes and smells and even the heights of plants or features. This collection of materials is designed to stimulate the senses seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting.

Some Plants That Are Great for A Sensory Garden

Rosemary Rosmarinus Officinalis – sight, touch, smell and taste

Basil Ocimun – sight, touch, smell, taste and sound (bees love the flowers)

Aloe Aloe Vera Barbademsis – sight and touch

Scented Geraniums Pelargonium Sp. – sight, smell, touch and taste

Lavender Lavender Sp. – sight, smell, touch and taste

Mint Mentha – sight, smell, touch, taste

Curry Helichrysum Italicum – sight, smell and touch

Some Other Plants That Are Great Too….

Ornamental Grasses – tanika lomandra, pennstripe pennisetum and kingsdale poa poiformis

Trees – any gum trees (if space permits), frangipani, citrus

Shrubsnight Jessamine, gardenia, mock orange, camellias

Climbing Flowering Vines -jasmine, climbing roses, passionfruit, sweet pea

Ground Covers – thyme, sweet violets, chamomile

Some plants love the sun and others prefer shade. Also some plants love water others prefer it dry. Some plants love being walked over others just occasionally crushed. When you’re in your sensory garden just make sure all your senses are turned on and you are enjoying what nature is providing for you. And remember sensory garden is for all creatures in nature to enjoy and add to.

This is just a small list of plants that are great to use. So, when designing your garden make sure you research thoroughly. As always love what you grow, Enjoy.

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