Who Loves Borage ?

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Borage Borago officinalis, also known as starflower, bee bush, bee bread and bugloss. The bright blue star shaped flowers make this herb one of what I think is the prettiest in the garden. This herb is a hardy annual and of the flowering plant family Boraginaceae, and is native to northern Europe. Who loves borage? I do, it is one of my favourite herbs. I always try to grow heaps in my garden every year.

European Bee on Borage


This herb grows to a height of about 45cm with a spread of about 30cm with an untidy look. But compensated for by the beautiful clusters of blue shaped flowers.  As the flower first appears it is pink in colour then turning a beautiful shade of blue. Also, this herb will flower throughout the summer months as long as it doesn’t get to hot. The leaves, even though they are prickly they have a lingering taste of cucumber.

Growing Tips for Borage

Blue Banded Bee on Borage

Borage is easy to grow from seeds; it likes a sandy soil with a sunny position but it will tolerate heavier soils with partial shade. The herb self-seeds on its own freely in the garden and will inhabit a large area. It can also be grown successfully in a pot. I have some in a pot on my deck in the sunlight.

Borage is a hot spot for bees, I have seen blue banded bees, native bees as well as the European honey bees on my borage.

Uses for Borage

There are a few uses for Borage in the home and in the garden.

Borage Seeds

Traditionally in medicines it was used for respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urinary and airway disorders.

In the kitchen oils are made from the stems and leaves for beauty products. Also, the flowers are great for salads or crystallizing to have as candy as well decorating cakes and desserts.

In the garden after the borage plant is spent pull it out and it can be used either in the compost or you can dig it directly into the garden as well as just leave it on top of the garden to use as mulch.

As always love what you grow, enjoy.

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